BMW Fuel Pump Gauge Oring R850 R1100 R1150 R1200 16141341008


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Your seal will be black in color with identical performance characteristics to the BMW OEM part.
Why pay full price when you can have the same part for less.

Part 16141341008 (O-ring) was found on the following vehicles:

K11 R1100RT N/A, (0418) : PETROL GAUGE
K30 R1200CL N/A, (0496) : PETROL GAUGE
K68 R1100RS N/A, (0416) : PETROL GAUGE
K69 R1100GS N/A, (0409) : PETROL GAUGE
K70 R1100R N/A, (0407) : PETROL GAUGE
K70 R850R N/A, (0406) : PETROL GAUGE
K74 R1200C N/A, (0434) : PETROL GAUGE
K74 R1200C/M N/A, (0379) : PETROL GAUGE
K75 R1100S N/A, (0432) : PETROL GAUGE
K80 R1150GS N/A, (0495) : PETROL GAUGE
K81 R1150RT N/A, (0499) : PETROL GAUGE
K82 R1150R N/A, (0439) : Fuel pump/filter
K82 R1150R/Rocks N/A, (0318) : Fuel pump/filter
K84 R1200I N/A, (0433) : PETROL GAUGE
K84 R1200I/M N/A, (0391) : PETROL GAUGE
K87 R1150RS N/A, (0498) : PETROL GAUGE
K89 R1150Adv N/A, (0492) : PETROL GAUGE
K91 R1200Montauk N/A, (0319) : PETROL GAUGE

Seal will fit the above models. and maybe others. Please check before ordering.

It is recommended to always have one of these around when changing fuel filters or removing the fuel pump/filter assembly. The old item will have swelled and will be very difficult to reinsert.
Also these orings/seals are notorious for splitting when replacing the assembly.

Fast shipping

Seals will arrive in protective packaging to protect the o-ring from damage during shipping.

Additional information

Weight.02 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × .6 cm

R1100, R1150, R1200, R850


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