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RT80 DCOE linkage choke

The next step in the DCOE project was to add a choke linkage assembly. I wanted to keep the stock controls as they are quite well built and functional. After a bit of conideration i got some standard bicycle brake cable wire and terminations. Add a length of bicycle brake cable sheating and I had a choke cable in place.

You will also notice a throttle adapter on the carb.  Thats for another post.

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DCOE Conversion setup

I once saw a DCOE conversion for a motorcycle and decided to do the same on the RT80. I was intended to service the BINGs anyway, all new cables seals etc etc.  The cost was about 80 of the conversion cost including the new DCOE40 carb.

The trickiest part was getting the intake manifold fabricated. I used a waterjet cut plate for the carb mounts and mild steel tubing with 90 degree elbows to fabricate it.  Usually this would have been done with SS but as I dont have a tig, the trusty MIG did the job.


The 90 degree elbows were cut to the angle I needed and then carefully aligned before final welding.  Not an easy job by any means, but one done it was quite rewarding to see it in place.

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Ducati Speedo Change – Original Harness

I built a Ducati 750ss based custom a few years ago. At the time my biggest problem was changing over the speedo. I looked for a way to change the speedo without cutting the original wiring harness.

I installed a generic aftermarket speedo and used the connector kit ot keep the original harness. See the kit for sale here.


DUCATI Instrument gauge connector speedo connetore stecker kontakt


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RT80 First Start in 12 years

The bike was laid up for 12 years. Used by a gentleman rider to make his way to and from work. It was a trusted workhorse for all the time he owned it. For an unknown reason the bike was laid up and left until i purchased it. Always wanted a airhead having owned 4 oilheads. Astoundingly, I added fresh gas, and cranked for a few times. Ran just long enough to make sure all was working. Next step was full fluid change. oil, filter, transmission, swing arm, rear drive. Stay tuned for more updates on the build.